Case Study: DAuth enables Incognito Sign-In Web2 Gaming Social Platform with 1.8M Gamers

Privacy-focused decentralized authentication for 1.8M gamers around the world

DAuth Network
2 min readApr 14, 2023

The Web2 landscape is gradually embracing the benefits of decentralized solutions as user privacy concerns continue to rise. DAuth Network, a groundbreaking Web3 OAuth protocol, is uniquely positioned to address these concerns. In a recent collaboration with E-Pal, a gaming social platform invested by Andreessen Horowitz (A16Z) with 1.8M Users, DAuth Network is proving that decentralized authentication can be valuable for Web2 applications as well.

E-Pal: A Social Platform for Gamers

E-Pal is an innovative social platform that connects gamers from around the world, allowing them to make friends and play video games together. With a strong focus on community, E-Pal emphasizes the importance of privacy and security for its users. As the platform’s user base continues to grow, ensuring the privacy of social logins has become a top priority.

DAuth Network: The Privacy-Preserving Authentication Solution

DAuth Network is a decentralized OAuth protocol designed to provide secure and private authentication for decentralized applications (DApps). Its privacy-preserving layer enables applications to authenticate and verify social account logins in a secure and private manner, making it an ideal solution for platforms like E-Pal.

DAuth X E-Pal: A Successful Web2 Collaboration

In a surprising turn, DAuth Network has demonstrated its ability to extend its services to Web2 applications by collaborating with E-Pal. This partnership aims to provide incognito authentication to E-Pal’s users, ensuring their privacy and security while using the platform.

By integrating DAuth Network’s decentralized authentication solution, E-Pal is empowering its users to log in with their social accounts without sharing unnecessary personal information. This protects users’ privacy while enabling seamless access to the platform.

The Impact of DAuth Network on Web2 Applications

The successful collaboration between DAuth Network and E-Pal highlights the potential for decentralized authentication solutions to enhance user privacy and security in the Web2 landscape. As privacy concerns continue to grow, more Web2 platforms may seek out solutions like DAuth Network to protect their users and build trust within their communities.

This case study showcases the versatility of DAuth Network’s decentralized authentication technology, demonstrating its applicability across both Web3 and Web2 applications. As the demand for privacy-focused solutions increases, DAuth Network’s innovative approach to authentication may prove to be a game-changer for platforms across the digital landscape.

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